Sports and Facilities Use & Reservations

Parkchester Sports and Recreation Facilities

Parkchester permits the reservation and use of the sports fields, recreation centers and oval areas by residents, community organizations and Parkchester businesses for meetings and community activities. There is no charge for residents and community members for this use. Those wishing to make use of these areas and facilities must complete an application, meet certain requirements and agree to Parkchester's terms and conditions.

The areas that are available to be reserved for use are:

  1. North Oval Ball Field (Gated Area)
  2. East Oval Lawn
  3. South Oval Lawn
  4. West Oval Lawn
  5. East Dance Room & Recreation Area (located in the rear of 1594 Metropolitan Avenue )
  6. Coming Soon: West Area Community Center (located in the rear of 63 Metropolitan Oval)

The following is the process to submit an application for use of the Parkchester Sports and Recreation Facilities (“PSRF”).

  1. All  requests for use of the PSRF must be made in writing to Parkchester South Condominium Management, care of the Recreation Department at 2000 East Tremont Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10462.  A request may also be emailed to
  2. All applications must include the following:
    A. the specified use;
    B. requested date(s) and hours for the use;
    C. number of participants;
    D. proposed security and supervision;
    E. a list of all equipment that will be brought to the PSRF
  3. Insurance Requirements:
    •    At least 48 hours in advance of scheduled events, approved applicants must provide PSC & PNC with evidence of General Liability Insurance including coverage for Bodily Injury & Property Damage with minimum limits of
    •    A certificate of insurance is required granting additional Insured status on a Primary & Non Contributing basis to the following entities:
    A.  Parkchester South Condominium, Inc.
    B.  Parkchester North Condominium
    C.  PPC Property Services, LLC
    D.  Parkchester Preservation Management, LLC
    •    The insurance requirement is at the full discretion of PSC and or PNC at the time of approval.
    •    PSC and PNC, at its sole discretion, may also require an IndemnificationAgreement from the applicant.
  4. Approved applications will be sent in writing and must be in the possession of the participants at the PSRF during the approved use period.
  5. Upon arrival, applicant must check-in with Parkchester Department of Public Safety located at [2000 East Tremont OR 1553 Metropolitan Avenue] to confirm applicant information is scheduled for the approved time.

The menu items above include the application and rules and regulation for the use of the Parkchester Sports and Recreation Facilities. You should submit your application and/or any inquiries you may have by email to You may also call 718-320-6038.